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Looking to repair your driveway or give it a nice fresh finish? Reliable Sealcoating offers Ocean & Monmouth County NJ affordable and durable driveway sealcoating and repair solutions!

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Our services include: Sealcoating, Asphalt Crack Repair, Parking Lot Line Striping, Resurfacing Driveways and New Driveway Installations! Call today for a Free Estimate!

What Sets Us Apart From The Competition?

After being in the Sealcoating business you see a lot of your competitors work.  Some of the things we see from the low cost competitors is:  Not Enough Sealant Being Used, Mixing Too Much Water with the Sealant (saves them money, rips you off and doesn't last as long!) a very messy job with sealant all over your blocks and property, cracks not being filled properly and sealcoat used to "fill cracks."

With Reliable Sealcoating you can expect only the HIGHEST quality sealer being used, we apply by broom which is thicker and lasts 2x longer than spray, we fill cracks the right way we fill them with a high quality crack filler and let them dry.  We GUARANTEE you will be happy or we will KEEP coming back until you are.  If you are looking for a low cost, low quality job, we are NOT for you!  We only provide high quality work that lasts for years to come with only the best materials on the Market.

Our services include: Sealcoating, Asphalt Crack Repair, Parking Lot Line Striping, Resurfacing Driveways and New Driveway Installations! Call today for a Free Estimate!

We service residential and commercial.

Reliable Sealcoating has been helping customers throughout New Jersey preserve their property’s asphalt by applying a sealcoat finish. This preventative maintenance will extend the life of your pavement and help home and business owners save money in the long run.  Providing a high quality material and experienced labor, we help customers save money, this is why Reliable Sealcoating is the asphalt contractor of choice for hundreds of businesses throughout NJ.

What Does It Do?

Whether you have new or even existing asphalt, you will want to sealcoat at least once every year.  Providing a water based sealcoat to your driveway, you will prevent the following issues that can lead to you having to install a new driveway:

  • Oxidation of the asphalt
  • Moisture infiltration, which can result in cracks which can become unrepairable
  • Ultraviolet light bleaching issues

In addition to protecting the existing asphalt, a sealcoat will also enhance the look of your area by creating a rich, black uniform color and smooth, new appearance.  We highly recommend it!

How Does It Work?

Give us a call for a Free Estimate!  In some cases,  if there are cracks in the pavement, we will have to repair them before we can apply a sealcoat.  We will then apply a liquid tar emulsion over the surface of the asphalt. The procedure of applying the sealcoat and allowing it to dry and cure is usually done within a few hours. Not only will you dramatically extend the life of the asphalt, but you will greatly reduce the amount of money you would otherwise have to put toward future maintenance costs.

Get Started Today

At Reliable Sealcoating, our goal is to help our customers achieve their objectives quickly and affordably. We are committed to completing every project with professionalism and integrity. In addition to seal coating, we can also assist you with new pavement, overlays, and striping. To learn more about our services or to get an estimate for your project today, please fill out our online form or call us at (732) 505-5401. We look forward to hearing from you!

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